We approach each training individually. We choose material and scope of training tailored to the needs and expectations of our clients. Closed workshops and trainings can be run on client systems and applications, enabling to leverage your knowledge and skills in your daily work.


Our consultants and trainers are experts and specialists in their field who work on projects in the largest international corporations on daily basis. Our trainings are based on the practical knowledge gained in many projects.


Our goal is to organize trainings for individual clients and companies in closed or open form. We start with the groups of 3 people minimum. We conduct trainings throughout the whole Poland. We are open and ready to meet the expectations of our customers.









Training categories

Manual Tests
Manual testing is a testing during which no automation tools are involved. Every new application or functionality is tested manually. It is required to confirm that the tested application is free of errors and works in accordance with the adopted assumptions. The advantage of manual tests for the tester is that they do not require the knowledge of the automation software.
Test Automation
Test automation allows to perform tasks faster and more efficiently than manual tests. Tests can be performed in a variety of operating environments, on different hardware configurations, using different databases and web browsers. Thanks to that, the quality assurance process is improved.
Performance Tests
Performance testing allows to verify the capabilities of a system and to improve and replace inefficient components. It evaluates the degree of compliance with the system or module. Performance tests can be used with a variety of technologies and tools such as JMeter, SoapUI, Java.
Test Management
Test management allows to achieve goals efficiently. It is specially important during software creation that requires a lot of work, time and money. Through effective management, it is possible to define and implement an optimal test strategy.
Process Management
Process management is a set of activities related to planning and monitoring of a given process in an organization. It aims to ensure smooth implementation of its assumptions and objectives.
Programming is simply a software development. It requires knowledge and experience in a wide variety of areas and programming languages. Currently, mostly used programming languages are C, C ++, C #, Java, Python etc.
A set of data saved according to specified rules. It allows to organize data and make it easier to work with. It lets the application to process information.
Business and System Analysis
A series of activities to identify business needs and ways of solving business problems. Correct analysis of business processes requires the use of modeling standards.
  • Due to the huge amount of duties I could not take part in the organized training. I decided to propose a convenient time for me and, surprisingly, my request was fulfilled. Training was completed and I am grateful for such exceptional treatment of my request!

    Ewelina from Warsaw
  • I was able to work out the problems from work and solve it with the help of a trainer. A great tribute to my group that agreed to it and was also engaged in helping.

  • I did not expect such a high level. Supposedly I can "pay and demand" but I did not know that I could demand so much. You raised the bar high.

    @ Positively Surprised
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