Creating an application in Django
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Creating an application in Django

Date will be negotiated
3 days

The training is intended for beginner programmers who know the basics of Python and HTML.

During the training all basic elements of the Django application and MTV pattern  will be discussed. Each participant will create a fully functional web application enabling, among others:

– content edition through CMS

– automated system for user registration and logging

– data transmission by users using built-in forms

– multi-language support

Training scope
  • Introduction to PyCharm
  • The first Django project, initiating, executing, debugging
  • MTV pattern
  • Django project structure
  • Routing and URL structure
  • Views, class based Views
  • Defining models
  • Databases migration and configuration
  • Operations with model objects:

– Creating new objects

– Downloading objects

– Filtering results

  • Basics of the Django built-in admin panel
  • Templates language – Django template, jinja

– Creating own tags and filters

  • Forms, forms based on models
  • Own middleware
  • Multilingual applications
  • Testing
  • Creating complete application using Django
2000 net PLN

The possibility of proposing a different training date.

Training department
22 42 76 371
533 317 619
  • Due to the huge amount of duties I could not take part in the organized training. I decided to propose a convenient time for me and, surprisingly, my request was fulfilled. Training was completed and I am grateful for such exceptional treatment of my request!

    Ewelina from Warsaw
  • I was able to work out the problems from work and solve it with the help of a trainer. A great tribute to my group that agreed to it and was also engaged in helping.

  • I did not expect such a high level. Supposedly I can "pay and demand" but I did not know that I could demand so much. You raised the bar high.

    @ Positively Surprised
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